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Tech is a culture. Help
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Tech fluency
Put your workforce on the path to tech fluency

Put your workforce on the path to tech fluency

Poor tech fluency creates knowledge silos that slow innovation and dull your competitive edge. A lack of organization-wide tech fluency also hinders collaboration and tech adoption. But a workforce that's capable of applying deep tech concepts to the business can remove barriers, have clearer conversations with better results, and contribute to business success on a whole new level. 

Only Pluralsight's Tech Foundations provides an effective path toward tech fluency. It combines expert-led courses, pre- and post-assessments, and analytics. And it fits neatly into your daily work. Leaders learn what their teams know, and learners know what they need to learn. Pluralsight empowers every employee, regardless of technical background, to become convenient in key technologies and learn to correctly apply tech concepts for business outcomes. 

Pluralsight creates a shared literacy that removes barriers, paves the way for cross-functional dialogue, increases collaboration, and accelerates everything with any touchpoint to technology.

Develop tech fluency

Develop tech fluency where it matters most

Each organization is unique, so Pluralsight places each on their own path to tech fluency. Employees begin to share a foundational understanding of relevant technologies. Operational efficiency increases for everything from daily work, meetings, and sprints to the most complex cloud transformation projects.

Track achievement

Track achievement and progress at scale

Pluralsight's Tech Foundations offers easy-to-access, expert-led learning that fits into busy work schedules. It helps learners understand how key tech concepts affect business outcomes, and how to apply those concepts in their work. Assessments and analytics help leaders undersatnd their progress and make data-driven decisions. Leaders across the organization can collaborate to improve innovation and achieve workforce objectives. Pluralsight is the only partner with an end-to-end tech fluency solution for both learners and leaders.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs, speed up delivery, and get time back to focus on customer problems

Pluralsight builds toward fluency across functions to unlock collaboration, reduce friction, and eliminate knowledge silos. Employees confidently problem-solve, which drives up speed and productivity—and drives costs down. Employee satisfaction, and ultimately customer satisfaction, increase, helping your organization stay ahead of the competition.

Why use Pluralsight to improve tech fluency?

  • Pre- and post-assessments and content suggestions help learners understand gaps and progression towards conversancy.
  • Expert-led courses, analytics, and an easy-to-navigate user interface enable employees to gain an understanding of key tech concepts.
  • Leaders are able to share context on why the learning program is important to helping their organization reach larger initiatives.
  • Leaders and plan admins can understand how learners are tracking towards tech fluency in key tech concepts.