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As an expert, you understand the limitless possibilities technology can unlock. But a global skills gap is holding us back. Not everyone has the opportunity to develop technology skills that create change for themselves and their communities. It’s Pluralsight’s mission to give everyone, everywhere access to these in-demand skills. Join us.

By sharing your expertise, you can influence the greatest innovations yet to come. Your content will be viewed worldwide—in homes, schools, governments and businesses. You’ll help teams bring game-changing products to market and individual learners transform their careers.

Partner with us to share your knowledge and empower the next generation of creators.


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Video courses
Video courses

Educate a global audience with technology learning videos.

Skill Assessments

Help learners measure their skills by building adaptive assessments.


Provides a way for learners to practice new cloud skills in a secure, sandbox environment.


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What does it take to become an excellent author?

Our authors are incredible storytellers driven by their passion for technology. They blend their knowledge and enthusiasm to communicate concepts and demonstrate tasks in a compelling way that helps people learn. These qualities make our authors some of the best in the industry.

Who will view my content?

Our platform reaches more than one million learners and 9,500 companies in over 150 countries. Some learners are getting their feet wet; others are looking to make a change; some want to expand their horizons and opportunities. Our goal: Make the best professional education available to them all.

How do new authors get started?

One of our acquisition editors will guide you in creating a short audition video using our audition kit. This video helps us evaluate your energy and teaching prowess. No additional hardware or software is required.

How long does it take to create a video course?

The amount of time it takes to create your course depends on its length and what you can commit to each week. As you continue authoring for Pluralsight, the course creation process will get faster. For your first project, your acquisition editor will work with you to give you some flexibility and set expectations.

How are authors compensated for video courses?

Video course compensation is based on viewership within the platform. We pay viewership and author payments on a quarterly basis.

How long does it take to deliver an assessment?

From start to finish, an assessment takes three months to produce. We break production into three phases:

  • Blueprinting: Mapping out the assessment outline, which usually takes less than two weeks
  • Question writing: Drafting questions for the assessment, which requires four to six weeks
  • Reviewing: Vetting the quality of the assessment, which is a 1-2 week process

You can work on one phase or all of them, depending on your time and interest. We can work with your schedule to find the best fit.

What is written content?

We offer learners a continually growing library of resources for just-in-time learning. Guides are text-based, written content. You can find examples here:

What kind of support does Pluralsight provide?

We have a team of people ready to help you through each step of the authoring process.

  • Acquisition editors guide you through your author audition
  • Author success managers are your go-to resource as you create content
  • Production editors help during the video production and editing stage
  • Peer reviewers are fellow authors and experts who review your content for technical accuracy.

Why should you become a Pluralsight author?