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Create the teams you
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talent mobility
Cut costs. Improve retention.

Cut costs. Improve retention. Give your talent the roles they want.

Stop blowing budgets and slowing down production timelines by relying on external hiring alone. The team you need to satisfy your business objectives may already be in your org, though they may be hidden talent or in a non-technical role just waiting to make the switch.

With Pluralsight, you can build an internal talent pipeline with analytics on employee proficiency—by role and skill—and reports that highlight impact and efficiency.

We provide the data and visibility you need to make the right talent mobility decisions that help cut costs, keep employees, and continue marching towards business objectives.

Discover hidden talent

Discover hidden talent for the roles you need

Pluralsight helps leaders recognize proficient, high performers. Get data on technical skill levels and insights into which employees are having a high impact on the code base and delivery process. Move those team members into senior positions or critical adjacent roles while measuring and fixing any gaps in a team member's skill level or work pattern.

Reduce external hiring costs

Reduce external hiring costs

Assess technical proficiency and provide the right learning experience tailored to an individual's skill level across custom virtual and on-demand learning experiences. Know who you can move to a new team or project with insights on which engineers can help reduce ticket queue time, unplanned work, abandoned PRs, and tech debt.

Reskill employees

Reskill non-technical employees for tech roles

Cashiers, customer service representatives, claimes processors, and other non-tech talent have made successful career transitions into software, IT, and data roles. Pluralsight can walk you through what's involved and co-create a reskilling strategy with you to meet your specific technical needs.

Reduce attrition

Reduce attrition

Make it easy for top talent to stay. Provide better 1:1 coaching with insights on performance and progress. Identify which tech team members have improved their skills and which engineers are working more effectively as they engage in planning, commits, mob sessions, and code reviews. Then recogniz and promote talent so teams can improve health and reduce churn.

Why use Pluralsight to upgrade your team's talent mobility?

  • Identify proficiency in the tech skills critical to your initiatives. That data can identify high performers, guide skill development, and offer clear paths to career growth.
  • Access reports that deliver clean, accessible data on recent trends on every team member's performance, including commit volume, code churn, and a breakdown of different task types.
  • Gain insight into learner performance and engagement at-a-glance so you can align tech skills to business objectives with confidence.
  • Tap into Learn to Code Academies to increase the diversity in your tech workforce, help alleviate tech talent shortage, provide a dependable talent pipeline for staffing your projects, and create goodwill and loyalty in your workforce.