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Accelerate the time
from deliberation
to delivery

Software delivery
Reduce cycle times by 35%

Reduce cycle times by 35% without sacrificing quality

The factors slowing down software delivery are often felt but not seen—issues like skills gaps, friction within your development environment, or poor workflow patterns. 

Pluralsight enables software delivery teams to ship reliable, scalable, secure code on time by ensuring teams have the right skills and improving how they work together. Visibility into team skill levels, workflows, and well-being helps leaders identify roadblocks and ways to optimize processes.

Reduce unplanned work

Reduce unplanned work and wasted efforts

Debug roadblocks. Refine planning by pinpointing where teams are spending too much time, where work needs to be re-distributed, and where engineers get stuck. All from metrics on cycle time, legacy refactor work, queue time, unplanned work, and code impact.

Improve knowledge sharing

Improve knowledge sharing and collaboration

Make better agreements within the team and reduce the time it takes to move pull requests through the review and deployment pipeline with data on how responsive engineers are within the development process. Remove knowledge silos with instructor-led, on-demand, and hands-on learning to make sure every engineer can write quality code and understand the team’s tech stack, tools, and processes. 

Retain team members

Retain team members and ship faster with healthy teams

Build healthy development practices so engineering teams and individuals can be successful. Managers and team leads can leverage objective data on skill levels, code commits, pull request activity, and code base impact to coach and promote team members.

Why use Pluralsight to speed up software delivery?

  • Increase flow efficiency and reduce waste by reviewing process bottlenecks, work items causing excessive cognitive load, and abandoned PRs.
  • Quickly track leading indicators like time to first comment and PR time to merge.
  • Leverage reports that analyze throughput over time and how work is broken up between new, churn, and tech debt.
  • Identify your team members' proficiency in the tech skills critical to your initiatives—data that can guide skill development and refine coaching.