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Dive headfirst into a
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Cloud transformation
Migrate your people to the cloud

Migrate your people—not just your business—to the cloud

Faster. Better. More secure. These are now the table stakes for all organizations, and they need top cloud talent and capabilities to deliver. But businesses with low cloud maturity may encounter only problems. Instead of agility, resiliency, and competitive advantage, they experience cost overruns, re-work, poor governance, low adoption, and slow (or no) innovation.

Pluralsight gives businesses the fastest, easiest way to build and maintain a cloud-first organization with data on where to focus skill development efforts, plus knowledge of how to put cloud knowledge into practice. Plus, your teams get the preparation they need to pass cloud certification exams, learn new frameworks, and advance in their career.

Reduce time and money spent

Reduce the time and money spent on hiring expensive cloud talent

With Pluralsight, businesses put existing talent in open cloud roles without the external hiring headache. We can tailor cloud academies that help any team member build and reinforce new cloud skills, regardless of where they start on your cloud strategy.

Develop cloud skills

Develop cloud skills through daily effort

Build cloud domain expertise and company-wide cloud literacy simultaneously. We offer bite-sized learning that fits into the workday with the appropriate level of detail, whether learners need specific cloud skills or general cloud literacy. 

Mature faster, without the risk

Mature faster, without the risk

Pluralsight makes sure time is spent learning skills that will drive your cloud maturity. Our extensive library of courses, guided labs, and cloud sandboxes help teams stay on top of provider changes in risk-free practice environments.

Why use Pluralsight to enhance your cloud transformation?

  • Sandboxes help your team hone their growing cloud skills—and fail without consequences—in secure AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure environments.
  • Custom learning paths enable you to align your teams' cloud skill development to your company's cloud transformation priorities.
  • With our Certification Accelerator, fast-track your organization's path to cloud fluency with sprint-based certification tracks, including weekly lessons, hands-on projects, and other certification-prep resources.