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Increase speed of
delivery with visibility
into Agile roadblocks

Agile transformation
Get clear visibility

Get clear visibility to make optimal decisions

Agile should move you from point A to point B, faster. But the roadblocks on that journey intersect people, processes, and culture, and those problems are tough to see—let alone solve. 

Pluralsight equips software teams with objective data to identify engineering priorities and remove roadblocks. Get clear visibility into your software delivery process with a holistic view of engineering culture, activity, predictability, and efficiency. Are you fully leveraging Agile to create continuous improvement in team skills, processes, and speed to market?

Improve cycle time

Improve cycle time

Diagnose issues impacting cycle time with visibility and tools to see what's working—and what isn’t—across planning, ticket queue time, pull requests, and code reviews.

Increase delivery speed

Increase delivery speed without compromising team health

Don't sacrifice team health at the expense of moving fast. Make sure engineers are spending the right time on the right efforts with unbiased data to surface in Agile ceremonies.

Develop Agile knowledge

Develop Agile knowledge to make Agile common practice

Get a full inventory of Agile skills and help teams overcome Agile skills gaps. As individuals assess their skills and access learning experiences specific to their level, leaders get data on progress so they know which teams have the knowledge to put Agile into practice.

Why use Pluralsight to improve Agile transformation?

  • Curate collections of Agile-specific content and assessments that will measure and develop the skills for your top priorities with analytics that report on skill proficiency and progress.
  • Tailor Skill Strategy Plans to support Agile development or enablement.
  • Access instructor-led Agile courses, virtual mentoring, and more intensive Agile Academies.
  • View software delivery holistically with insights across culture, activity, predictability, and efficiency so you can truly gauge how well your Agile processes are enabling your team—and where to focus on improvements.
  • Leverage a Flow Coach, who works as an extension of your team to help you optimize your software delivery process.